le moulin du pont

Discover the richness of the cuisine of the Périgord

Created in 1987 by Patrick Marty, our trout farm was the first supplier of the restaurant with it's trout cooked with sorrel from the garden.

The cooking has remained traditional using an excellent base of ingredients from the Périgord region including: foie gras duck liver, magret of duck, confit of duck, walnuts, cèpes mushrooms, truffes and strawberries all supplied from small local producers.
To please your palates we emphasise the natural qualities of our products to demonstrate the Gastronomie of France, and of  the Périgourdine. Patrick Marty proposes recipes using a rich selection of flavours and colours in an ideallic setting far from the troubles of everyday life.

Les Toques du Périgord

You know when spring arrives, a terrace with an exceptional view on the river Dronne and the dam awaits you to enchant your eyes and your appetite.

Le Moulin du Pont is a member of the  Toques du Périgord.

A large park with a summer room, next to the river, complete with its own kitchen and toilet is available to rent for private parties or just enjoy a stroll by the water in our grounds after your meal.

We have special group menus to cater for your family or group meals depending on your tastes and budgets.

Do not hesitate to  contact us for more information.

Restaurant open

 Restaurant open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Saturday and Sunday lunch. Closed Sunday evening and all day on Monday.

Our apartments are open all year

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Route de Grand Brassac
24350 LISLE
Tél. : +335 53 04 51 75

Send us a mail : moulindupont@outlook.fr

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